Just a bit of musing…

I just realised that we’ve had eight years of Bush.

I say ‘we’ because, despite living in a country half a world away from the U.S., the bumbling cowboy’s shadow reached even here (mainly in the form of airport-related stupidity and world-wide economic collapse). That he has been the focus of the entire world’s amusement and anger for long enough to bring up a child… is at once very striking and a very sad comment on people in general.

Weirdly, though, I think I shall miss the man. If nothing else, he made the rest of the planet’s population look long and hard at their respective leaders before deciding that they were, at least, not quite as dim. Realising that your own weaselly politicians are not quite the intellectual and social pygmies you thought they were (even if only in a relative sense) is actually quite comforting.

So thank you, G W B, for making the rest of us feel good. Pity I can’t say the same about your fellow citizens. Or the citizens of Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or…


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