It has come to my attention that some morons out there still believe in horoscopes; which is strange as they are essentially a source of entertainment and nothing more.

If you still harbour some misconceptions about the pointlessness of horoscopes, here’s some quick ways to show you how full of shit they are:

– Get a friend to read a random selection of the day’s horoscopes to you, including yours. Take the best fit and see if it’s your sign.

– Allow someone with no clue what your sign is to guess. Do likewise if possible.

– Bone up on Newton’s laws and work out the exact gravitational force exerted on you by the planets. Compare this to the force of the moon/sun. Extrapolate this for other forces.

– Consider that 6 billion odd human beings inhabit the planet. Consider the likelyhood that 12 pieces of advice will apply to all of them

– Compare a number of horoscopes. Note mutual inconsistencies in advice/explanation.

– Look at the obituaries section of a newspaper. Cross-reference date of birth and date of death to a horroscope in a newspaper corrosponding to the former and latter respectively.


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