A salute to Fiddy

But first, I must apologise for my tardiness. Sorry!

Now, on to business.

Curtis Jackson, aka 50 cent, is something of a fascinating subject for me. Not, however, because of his music. I’m fascinated about the worldview of a man who actually lived the life that every rapper lays claim to and knows full well that it was a shitty existence. It is an interesting excercise to think about taking a part of your life that you actively hated and turning it into a grand marketing excercise for people who idolise it. This is, I feel, an issue for every artist who has truly lived the life his works portray before watching people with no connection to it claim it as their own. If nothing else, it must make for truly strange experiences when talking to your artistic peers.

More than that though, I get the uncomfortably feeling that ‘fiddy, snoop dog and their ilk are classic examples of ‘outliers’: people who seem destined to be something no matter what their circumstances. They are, according to this interpretation, self-made men; more than smart enough to polish and fabricate their pasts into brands that sell their goods. However, Malcom Gladwell‘s book, Outliers, argues persuasively that this does not happen. Nobody is formed independent of their environment and nobody is a true master of their fate. The interesting question, then, is this:

What factors influenced people like Curtis and to what extent?


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