I finally caved and saw the new terminator movie and, to my horror, was not entirely unhappy with it.

Don’t for a second think that this means that it’s a good movie; because its horrible. But then I was expecting as much, so sitting back and watching the (rather beautiful) post-apocalyptic scenery go by and wondering about the state of CGI-Arnie’s package (did it get blown off? Or was he just given the ken doll treatment?) became simply part of the show. Which brings me to the real topic of this post.

The one thing I have always wondered about when watching robot-oriented sci fi, is the design of the robots themselves. What would a real terminator look like? I’ve ruminated about this before in regards to Anime, but the topic still needs to be properly explored. Because, when we finally do come up with a truly autonomous killing machine, I predict that it will look and act nothing like a humanoid robot. Why recreate the wheel when you could make something smaller, tougher, faster and meaner than a person?

I’m thinking something almost insectile, with super-human reflexes and a chassis small enough to crawl anywhere. It need not be that smart, about the same level as a jumping spider would be more than sufficient. All it needs to be is mobile, tough and clever enough to recognise and track a person.

What do you think?


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