The Devil

Here in Gauteng, the news has recently been dominated by a few things: The asshole who fled to Canada, the judge who’s been fighting a drunk driving charge for two straight years, the soldiers who rioted while on strike and the sentencing of a 19-year-old kid for the murder of another kid.

Why am I interested in the latter? Because Morne’ Harmse managed to get the Pretoria news to come up with this fabulous headline:

‘Devil ‘didn’t make him do it’

I love how the accusation of Satanism can still shock the average South African. We were still having ‘satanic panics‘ till a few years ago, when even the kookiest towns in the U.S. had given up on them. So of course the had to bring on the self-styled ‘satanism expert’ (Dr Kobus Jonker) to tell us that he only flirted with the dark side. His reasoning? The curtains (and, hilariously, the candle wax on his weegie board) in Harmse’s bedroom were coloured instead of red/black. Oh, and there was no sign of blood or animal parts smeared across the room.

Wow. Just wow.

And the best bit; as far as I can tell, the fact that his daddy beat the snot out of his mommy on a regular basis (information about which seems limited to rumours and bland statements of ‘family violence’, I’m afraid) will have almost no bearing on the Judge’s decisions. It seems that a broken home is far less of a worry in the production of sociopaths than is their fashion sense.


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