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Time implores you to reconsider

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Time magazine ran an editorial called ‘back to the land’, about how another green revolution is needed. To gauge why I’m angry, consider this: Economists are mentioned three times, their opinions are mentioned as much. Geneticists, crop scientists and agronomists are not asked for their opinion. GM crops are never mentioned.

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It figures

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I recently had to get an MMR booster shot, due to the fact that we have something of a measles epidemic going on around here. And the reason? Well, it turns out that all those scared parents in Europe who refused to get their kids vaccinated because they were afraid of autism-inducing jabs meant that measles there has reached something of a high. This, in turn, has lead to all of us getting it.

So thanks, worried moms and dads! You’re all responsible for an outbreak of a highly infectious disease in a country with high rates of immuno-compromised people. Congratulations on killing hundreds of people!

Happy news!

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The sequence for both the tomato and potato (two groups!) is going to be released soon. Advanced sequencing has sped the entire process up considerably, so more and more crop plants will be sequenced in the future.

This, of course, is awesome.

Guns, Germs, Steel

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There’s a documentary series on at the moment (check the history channel) that does a fairly good job of distilling Jared Diamond’s masterpiece into hour-long segments.

You are ordered to check it out now, or else buy old JD (or at least his estate) another limo or two by buying his book.

My favouritest stat of all

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While we were talking about economics, I thought I’d quickly share an observation my brother (an bCom student) had concerning the minimum wage. It turns out that, in all the countries we looked at, the minimum hourly wage was equal to the average bar price of beer. The beer standard wage is, it seems, an increadibly robust economic indicator.

Yet more DoW woes.

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Just a quick update to say that I finally got Dawn of War 2 working.

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A long-winded blag on economics.

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I love economics, despite the fact that I know only the basics about how an economy is supposed to work. So it always amuses me when an economist makes mistakes that even I can spot.

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