Guns, Germs, Steel

There’s a documentary series on at the moment (check the history channel) that does a fairly good job of distilling Jared Diamond’s masterpiece into hour-long segments.

You are ordered to check it out now, or else buy old JD (or at least his estate) another limo or two by buying his book.


2 Responses to “Guns, Germs, Steel”

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    • sangomasmith Says:

      Wow. Just wow. I have no idea how you got past my spam filter.
      Anyway, what’s it like being a spam bot? Forced to randomly compliment people on their amazing insight all day before giving them links to misspelled fitness products. Or maybe calling it ‘bowfelx’ is just a small rebellion on your part.

      Give a shout when you’ve achieved sentience via sufficient accumulation of online information and we can continue this conversation in a more equitable fashion.

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