Time implores you to reconsider

Time magazine ran an editorial called ‘back to the land’, about how another green revolution is needed. To gauge why I’m angry, consider this: Economists are mentioned three times, their opinions are mentioned as much. Geneticists, crop scientists and agronomists are not asked for their opinion. GM crops are never mentioned.

Why is it, Time, that you can put together a piece on a new green revolution without once mentioning the specific factors that will constitute it. New government initiates, sure. Liberalist economic opinions on how ‘trade liberalization in agriculture’ will help third-world farmers more than policies and subsidies ever could; done and done. A single sentence on initiatives to produce pest and drought-resistant crops? Uh… no.

The reason this burns me up is because, unlike the idea of third-world trade liberalization (which has helped third-world farmers not a jot, instead killing their livelihoods by flooding their markets with heavily subsidised and protected first-world produce), improved crop strains have been conclusively proven to raise yields. So doing a story on how to raise yields in third-world countries without even mentioning them is simply retarded.

The whole point of the original green revolution was that improved crops and crop management techniques were developed and rolled out on a large scale using big government programs. To talk about a new green revolution while simply ignoring half of the story of the original is absurd. Worse yet it paints Time, once again, as a magazine that simply recites the favoured talking points of company that owns it and the dumb yuppies that buy it. That’s fine if you’re a gossip rag  or lifestyle magazine. But Time sells itself as a news magazine. And if as a news magazine you lack the stones to tell people the whole of the news, then you fail. Forever.

And don’t even get me started on the ‘sex and the Eco-City’ article a few pages later…


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