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Another opinion

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Greg fish seems to have stumbled upon the same video I did. His opinion on the matter differs, however. On the subject of actual giant robots, though, we find ourselves in some agreement.


And on that subject… again.

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Matt Bors brings you a three part explanation. Listen carefully, kiddies. This stuff’s important!

Copenhagen and climate change.

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Specifically, climate change.

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Redundancy posting

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As PZ Meyers has already pointed out, this is pretty much a play-by-play on how creationism works. Its hard to be first on the internet…

Speaking of which

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Speaking of transhumanism and retro-futurism, I’m tickled to see that nothing has changed


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I’ve known about this site for quite some time, but never got around to linking to it before now. Modern Mechanix is a wonderful archive of ‘world of tomorrow’ type articles from a past far enough away to make their predictions seem quaint.

I wonder if the transhumanists will fare any better?

An interesting thought

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A thought occurs:

The Apollo program cost the U.S. approximately $145 billion in adjusted dollars over the whole of its lifetime. This equates to about $24 billion per successful landing. Let’s call it $25 billion to be safe. The response to the sub-prime crisis has, so far, resulted in the U.S. spending over a trillion dollars to bail out the financial system as a whole. So by putting 2 and 2 together, the U.S. could have landed 50 Apollo-era craft for the same money.

In other words; for the same price as a fucked-up financial system, the U.S. could have had a fully-functioning moon base. It makes you wonder a little about people’s priorities…