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I went and saw Alice in Wonderland today. My main thought (besides silently bemoaning the fact that I paid, again!, to have my childhood ruined) was that old Tim sure doesn’t do a lot of original stuff these days(Matt Bors agrees with me).

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A bad time…

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Speaking of which, again, I found this gem from 1960 as well. This would be pertinent to my previous post except gay people are still not accepted as fully human yet, making the whole ‘wait a few years before declaring that they’re now infringing on our rights’  thing rather a moot point.

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I was recently reading a Time magazine article on the (sadly all-too-real) phenomenon of white minority fears. For those of you still in touch with sanity, it’s this idea that white folk are going to become minorities in their ‘own’ countries. The assumption is that, ten seconds or so later, they will all be herded into a camp and shot. Also, their jobs will be taken by non-white people. And the trains will all explode.

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On that note…

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Here’s the candlemaker’s petition. It’s unfortunately just as applicable now as it was when it was written. And just as funny.

I fail to agree

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A quick disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of Dresden Codak. However, I don’t always agree with Aaron Diaz himself.

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I wanted to talk about something study-related, but to be honest I’m feeling too tired to be bothered overmuch with that right now. Instead, lets talk about something more suited to 3AM: Dreams

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