I was recently reading a Time magazine article on the (sadly all-too-real) phenomenon of white minority fears. For those of you still in touch with sanity, it’s this idea that white folk are going to become minorities in their ‘own’ countries. The assumption is that, ten seconds or so later, they will all be herded into a camp and shot. Also, their jobs will be taken by non-white people. And the trains will all explode.

So imagine my complete lack of shock when I found this piece in modern mechanixs. Its been, what, fifty years since this shit was seen as fit for press?

I looove the hypocrisy in thinking that, after systematically abusing and marginalizing a group of people for literally hundreds of years, you can turn round one generation after (begrudgingly) recognising them as real people and say “this equality shit has gone too far! We’re the ones in danger now.”

You see it everywhere: holocaust denier, anti-affirmative action groups and so on. It just kills me that, for instance, there are groups of people who are seriously arguing for a male-only quota system in universities. Because, you know, letting women learn is one thing. Allowing them to excel is a problem.

Speaking of which, is this the most meta article ever? A look at sexism in the U.S. Navy, run entirely through the prism of a self-acknowledged tendency for female Navy personnel to be publicly scrutinised for actions that would normally be analysed in private. My head almost exploded from how much of a non-news story this is to command such grave commentary. The only reason its in the news, in fact, is because the Naval officer in question is, in fact, a woman. There is literally no other reason.

Make of that what you will.


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