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On a slightly lighter note, Ruth and I were having an argument over cute animals. I find puff adders, for instance, adorable. I would be cuddling one right now were it not for the fact that they are a) hard to housetrain and b) deadly venomous.

Anyway, I love the fat little guys. Also cute:

Leopard geckos

Giant salamanders

Regular salamanders

Namib geckos


Any other suggestions?


The failed horseman dies.

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This man’s death is already becoming a political football and possibly marks the start of yet another round of white racist paranoia. Considering what he personally did (and incited others to do), I can’t say that I’m exactly devastated that he’s gone.

But I do wonder why it is that the most horrible people always get to be lauded and applauded when they go. It ruins my faith in humanity a bit.