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Cracked wins twice

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I was going to say something profound today, but cracked already beat me to it. Way to go, guys.


My favouritest stat of all

Posted in economics, musings with tags , on 09/10/2009 by sangomasmith

While we were talking about economics, I thought I’d quickly share an observation my brother (an bCom student) had concerning the minimum wage. It turns out that, in all the countries we looked at, the minimum hourly wage was equal to the average bar price of beer. The beer standard wage is, it seems, an increadibly robust economic indicator.

On that note

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While I’m going off about holistic ‘medicine’, allow me to share with you (dear reader) my last-ditch plan for making money if everything goes South.

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The new economics

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Where the fuck did common sense go?

The current crisis in the world economies amuses me no end,although much less so when I think of the impact of this bout of stupidity on ordinary people. Firstly, we have a crisis brought about by a combination of poor oversight and corporate irresponsibility in a country where corporate freedom is an eternal rallying cry. Secondly, we have a series of costly bailouts to the very same companies that were allowed to put fire to the tinder of the world financial system. And now we some of the affected countries declaring a premature victory over financial disorder. I ask myself, when did these people forget basic economics? Where did they lose their common sense? The world financial system, it seems, is doomed to forever fail to learn from its own mistakes.

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Micheal Shermer and Libertarianism

Posted in economics, musings, politics, rant with tags , , , , on 06/05/2009 by sangomasmith

In this post, noted skeptic Micheal Shermer lays out his personal reasons for his Libertarian ideals. Now, I have nothing at all to say about his post, it is something that you must read and judge for yourself. I do, however, find the comments very (and you knew I was going to say this) interesting…

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Apologies to my single (spam bot) reader. I’m being worked to death, so posts are thin on the ground right now. On the bright side, I watched the final US presidential debate the other day. It can be summed up thus:

McCain: Unfounded accusation.

Obama: Reasonable response.

– pause –

McCain: Unfounded accusation


Good fun was had by all.

In addition, watching the talking heads on CNBC over the past few weeks has become a guilty pleasure. I’m loving this market meltdown, for the simple fact that I get to see the people we naively turn to for advice needing some themselves. Which serves the smug buggers right.

It won’t be so funny when we’re all screwed simply for being gullible enough to take it though…