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A strange day for sad news

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With elections looming in sunny SA, it seems very… typical that our media attention is focused elsewhere. And by elsewhere I mean on violent crime.

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The greatest picture ever

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I’m not going to be posting that much for a while – juggling studies and work – but thought I’d share this:

This man. Just this man

This man. Just this man

This guy (and his plank-shield buddy) are officially heroes of mine now.

Go well out there, you glorious fools.

Yet more debate

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It looks like Pharyngula really went to town on the whole GMO debate recently.

Anyway, between the hand-wringing about Monsanto and the evils of industrialised agriculture, there seems to be a need to explain exactly what genetic modification is. I’ll be doing my best to do so for the next while, so hopefully the next time we have this debate we can get beyond the whole ‘they’re going to kill us all with super-weeds/terminator seeds/poison death-plants’ phase and move on to debating the more important stuff.

Wish me luck.

I’m back again… sort of.

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Got some popular-blog/biotech love!

See, even pharyngula gives us crop biotech people some sugar every now and then…


PS: I promise to try and update more often in future. Don’t expect miracles, though


The failed horseman dies.

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This man’s death is already becoming a political football and possibly marks the start of yet another round of white racist paranoia. Considering what he personally did (and incited others to do), I can’t say that I’m exactly devastated that he’s gone.

But I do wonder why it is that the most horrible people always get to be lauded and applauded when they go. It ruins my faith in humanity a bit.

A bad time…

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Speaking of which, again, I found this gem from 1960 as well. This would be pertinent to my previous post except gay people are still not accepted as fully human yet, making the whole ‘wait a few years before declaring that they’re now infringing on our rights’  thing rather a moot point.

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I was recently reading a Time magazine article on the (sadly all-too-real) phenomenon of white minority fears. For those of you still in touch with sanity, it’s this idea that white folk are going to become minorities in their ‘own’ countries. The assumption is that, ten seconds or so later, they will all be herded into a camp and shot. Also, their jobs will be taken by non-white people. And the trains will all explode.

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