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Inevitability Squared

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So this puff piece came out in Wired, talking about Monsanto’s ‘new’ approach regarding plant breeding. It’s pretty weak suace: Marker Assisted Breeding is hardly new. Big M does, however, have a very strong pipeline approach which allows them to use these sorts of technology to the fullest. But enough about the details of what is actually happening.  Time to rant!


Reading the comments, I’m loving the outrage from people over teh ebil corporations now moving into breeding – as if that isn’t what they were doing all along (GM just puts a specific gene into an existing breed, folks). I’m sure that, somewhere in the bowels of Greenpeace HQ, they are already contemplating how to whip up luddite sentiment against MAB, or bioinformatics, or whatever it is that big Ag is going to use to do their thing once you’ve pushed through a ban on the other tools in the box. God knows the first thing they will do is paint the whole thing as a sign that they were right all along and GMOs are evil (look, they’re so bad that even Monsanto is going organic!).


This is inevitability squared. It was inevitable that once a bunch of environmental lobbying organisations made it really hard to use genetic engineering for political reasons (LOL @ 10 year field trials, compared to 0 years for ‘traditional’ crops) you would see large companies turn to other methods to generate a profit.

Just as it is inevitable that the same lobbying organisations will now find another thing to rail against once this happens. And, just as existing GMOs get grandfathered in before banning all future research on them (I’m looking at you, Hawaii), so too will the existing hybrids and MAB projects get quietly put into a safe category when we’re all taught to fear targeted mutants or something.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings…


Yet more DoW woes.

Posted in screwed by the man with tags , on 09/10/2009 by sangomasmith

Just a quick update to say that I finally got Dawn of War 2 working.

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And another thing…

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Why in the name of all that is holy should I perpetually log in simply to run a game? It’s like buying a car and being forced to make a phone call every time you want to start it.

Once again (valve, windows) I hate you beyond all rational measure.

And now I must scream

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I have just spent over an hour trying to set up my windows live and steam so that they will allow me to play a single online game of Dawn of War 2. I now have no interest in either online play or Dawn of War 2

Thanks, valve and windows, for killing my urge to use your software for what it is supposed to be used for. I hate you both, from the bottom of my heart.