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Love from the Escapist

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Moviebob gives us some love.

Note: It took 26 posts before some moron wandered in and pulled out the old ‘monsanto’s making farmers buy terminator crops’ lie, which is probably a new best time for rational responses.


Yet more debate

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It looks like Pharyngula really went to town on the whole GMO debate recently.

Anyway, between the hand-wringing about Monsanto and the evils of industrialised agriculture, there seems to be a need to explain exactly what genetic modification is. I’ll be doing my best to do so for the next while, so hopefully the next time we have this debate we can get beyond the whole ‘they’re going to kill us all with super-weeds/terminator seeds/poison death-plants’ phase and move on to debating the more important stuff.

Wish me luck.

I’m back again… sort of.

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Got some popular-blog/biotech love!

See, even pharyngula gives us crop biotech people some sugar every now and then…


PS: I promise to try and update more often in future. Don’t expect miracles, though


Climate Pessimism

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Ted Rall makes a valid point: we’re boned. In fact, I doubt if the general public is even aware of exactly how thoroughly this simple fact is accepted in the scientific community.

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