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Mild frustration.

Posted in DIY, musings with tags , , on 22/06/2009 by sangomasmith

Ah, pulse jets. Like rockets, steam engines, derigables and hot-air balloons; these ingenious devices are a lingering dream of mine.

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Luddites and laws

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The New Scientist recently broke the news that a bit of a furor has erupted over the instant approval of a non-GMO crop with exactly the same genes as a GM crop that’s been in testing for years. Strangely, the fuss is not over whether GMOs are dangerous or not.

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A final note…

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Regarding the two recent projects (the recurve and crossbow), a few final points need to be added. Thereafter, the projects are considered officially closed and I will bore noone else about them.
The recurve: The front (nylon layer) turns out to be a bad idea, at least in its current configuration. The easiest course of action, I feel, is simply to use woven glass on both sides of the bow. Also, it seems that a solid handle, suitably attached to the bow, does wonders in terms of power and hand-friendlyness.
The crossbow: The bolt design has been sorted. I recommend a heavy bolt about 50cm long with three big fins firmly attached to the end. A 1cm round-steel bolt with thick plastic flights is what I’ve settled on.

And that’s that.


Posted in crossbow, DIY, projects with tags , , , on 28/02/2009 by sangomasmith

Okay, tweaks are done and the crossbow has been fired. So, on to the description:

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Posted in crossbow, DIY with tags , , , on 21/02/2009 by sangomasmith

I have finished and fired the big crossbow. This unfortunately revealed some flaws that needed fixing, so I’ll only be able to post the full run-down sometime in the week. I do have some preliminary thoughts, though:

  1. It makes whatever you stick in front of the string disappear. Fast. And then occasionally explode into a shower of splinters. So don’t be a moron and stand in front of it.
  2. Powering a crossbow using a car spring and a home-made winch is a great idea if you want to create something that terrifies you. Kids; if any of you want to try this at home then, for the love of all that is holy, please over-engineer everything. And by that I mean design it in such a fashion that you can beat it against a wall, jump on it and drop it from a building.

Have fun out there


Posted in crossbow, DIY with tags , , on 19/02/2009 by sangomasmith

The crossbow is coming along, and it is a thing of evil. It shall be terrifyingly over-engineered (I hope) and stupidly overpowered (I pray). Just the final assembly to do, so you will hear more on this subject soon.

A bow update

Posted in bow, DIY, holiday, projects with tags , , on 21/01/2009 by sangomasmith

Work on the bow has now ceased. The result is a bouncing baby bow, much loved and adored.

This means that those with time to blow can now get a recipe for the cheap recurve they have always wanted:

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