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Doing what the internet does best

Posted in media, rant with tags , , , on 28/01/2014 by sangomasmith

Links and threats of violence, apparently.

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A bad time…

Posted in media, News-related, rant with tags , , , on 23/03/2010 by sangomasmith

Speaking of which, again, I found this gem from 1960 as well. This would be pertinent to my previous post except gay people are still not accepted as fully human yet, making the whole ‘wait a few years before declaring that they’re now infringing on our rights’  thing rather a moot point.

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The inevitable post about Haiti

Posted in media, News-related, politics, rant with tags , , , , , , on 27/01/2010 by sangomasmith

Even in the sunny south of the world, we still get the news. We also get the shit that goes with it.

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A long-winded blag on economics.

Posted in media, pedantry with tags , , , on 09/10/2009 by sangomasmith

I love economics, despite the fact that I know only the basics about how an economy is supposed to work. So it always amuses me when an economist makes mistakes that even I can spot.

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Swords and Stockholm syndrome

Posted in History, media, pedantry, rant with tags , , , , on 24/08/2009 by sangomasmith

The new rash of historical revisionism is killing historical understanding

I was recently watching a history-themed show by National Geographic called ‘Samurai bow’ and was enjoying myself immensely until they got to the inevitable ‘comparison with X’ section of such shows. In this case, the comparison was between a Japanese longbow (or Yumi) and an English longbow of equal draw weight. Which is where I start to have problems.

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