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Projects ahoy

Posted in projects with tags , , on 10/09/2009 by sangomasmith

I finished up a mini-project recently and so, like the proud parent I am, I will force you to look at photos of my creation. Behold, the chain-mail glove!



A final note…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on 14/03/2009 by sangomasmith

Regarding the two recent projects (the recurve and crossbow), a few final points need to be added. Thereafter, the projects are considered officially closed and I will bore noone else about them.
The recurve: The front (nylon layer) turns out to be a bad idea, at least in its current configuration. The easiest course of action, I feel, is simply to use woven glass on both sides of the bow. Also, it seems that a solid handle, suitably attached to the bow, does wonders in terms of power and hand-friendlyness.
The crossbow: The bolt design has been sorted. I recommend a heavy bolt about 50cm long with three big fins firmly attached to the end. A 1cm round-steel bolt with thick plastic flights is what I’ve settled on.

And that’s that.

Hello empty space…

Posted in DIY, projects with tags , , on 11/02/2009 by sangomasmith

Having apparently lost my one viewer, I think I shall merely press on regardless. Don’t be surprised if this space becomes a sort of mental attic, filled with half-formed burbles and ill-considered ideas. Don’t be surprised if you don’t notice any difference…

Anyway, I’m on another project kick. This time around I’m working on a siege crossbow, another attempt at a hot-air balloon and a two-valve pulsejet. If successful, the plans will be put up for all to see. If unsuccessful, then prepare to hear no more about them as I proceed to pretend that they never existed in the first place.

Still Working…

Posted in projects with tags , , on 01/11/2008 by sangomasmith

Sigh, first exam is on monday.

Anyway, a quick update: The balloon didn’t go well, as the plastic bags lost strength at a crucial moment. The lesson: Switch to paper. And yes, I am exactly the type of tool to try things the hard way before eventually doing what everyone else knows will work. I’ll post pictures or something if it goes to plan.

The bow, on the other hand, is going swimmingly. Just need to keep at it and lay down some more fibre-glass I guess…


Posted in projects with tags , , , on 27/10/2008 by sangomasmith

A quick update for my two readers (hi mom!):

Another thing I do, besides bitch about things and write pedantic reviews, is make things. This week, a bad case of studying-related displacement activity has resulted in two projects: a hot-air balloon and a fibreglass bow.

The balloon should be launched tonight, if all goes well. The bow… may take a little longer.

A big thankyou goes to Ruth for being my partner in crime on the balloon, by the way. I love you, most beautiful one. Oh, and have fun overseas!