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The problem with meme sites

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First up: I have absolutely no problems with Jennifer Lawrence. I think its wonderful and awesome how she comes off in interviews as this quirky, quotable, genuine person. Neither do I have problem with kittens doing random things. Or stories about rescue dogs. Or even stories about your dog.

I don’t have a problem with memes either. Over-exposed though they are, I am perfectly content to browse through pages of advice ducks, doge images, fail gifs and the like.


What I absolutely do have a problem with is the realisation that these things are the good stuff, the gems buried beneath mounds and mounds of aweful racist, sexist, nationalist, dumb tripe. The realisation that the (presumably literate and computer-literate) folks who post on these public bulletin boards genuinely believe that, for example, afirmative action is some sort of reverse racial aggression comparable to segregation and apartheid. Or that when a man does something stupid it’s because he’s stupid. When a woman does it, it’s because she’s a woman. Or that men somehow need championing and protecting from the dangerous feminists ruling society.

Seriously, I’d post examples but there’s no point. Just go to 9gag, scroll down the front page a bit and an there it is.


I really don’t need to know this about my fellow man. And I really, really don’t need to see this stuff sandwiched between the cute and harmless stuff that I came there for in the first place.


This has been your pointless and whiny rant for the day. You may now carry on with your life.



The failed horseman dies.

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This man’s death is already becoming a political football and possibly marks the start of yet another round of white racist paranoia. Considering what he personally did (and incited others to do), I can’t say that I’m exactly devastated that he’s gone.

But I do wonder why it is that the most horrible people always get to be lauded and applauded when they go. It ruins my faith in humanity a bit.


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I was recently reading a Time magazine article on the (sadly all-too-real) phenomenon of white minority fears. For those of you still in touch with sanity, it’s this idea that white folk are going to become minorities in their ‘own’ countries. The assumption is that, ten seconds or so later, they will all be herded into a camp and shot. Also, their jobs will be taken by non-white people. And the trains will all explode.

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