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A bad time…

Posted in media, News-related, rant with tags , , , on 23/03/2010 by sangomasmith

Speaking of which, again, I found this gem from 1960 as well. This would be pertinent to my previous post except gay people are still not accepted as fully human yet, making the whole ‘wait a few years before declaring that they’re now infringing on our rights’¬† thing rather a moot point.

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An illlustration, or just pointless?

Posted in media, movies, pedantry, rant with tags , , , , , , on 25/02/2010 by sangomasmith

I was watching ‘Saved!‘ the other evening (it’s quite a nice film) and ended up in an argument.Now, typically, I’m trying to both defend my own position and apologise at the same time…

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My own personal hell.

Posted in musings, rant, studies with tags , , , on 19/08/2009 by sangomasmith

Greetings, my lone reader! I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical, what with¬† life and work and all, but I’m here again. But none of that matters now, because I have news! I went (sound of drumrolls please)… to a homeopathy ‘lab’! Yay for sarcastic semi-apostrophe things!

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Posted in musings, News-related, pedantry, rant with tags , , on 21/01/2009 by sangomasmith

It has come to my attention that some morons out there still believe in horoscopes; which is strange as they are essentially a source of entertainment and nothing more.

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